Ear & eye droppers

Drug administration
We manufacture droppers for nasal, ear or ophthalmic applications. All our dropppers use pharmaceutical and/or food-grade materials and are compliant with European Pharmacopoeia 2.9.27.
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  • Comprehensive range
  • Various applications (human health, animal health, chemistry, food processing)
  • Customization on packaging with or without printing on request
  • Compliance with international regulations, including but not limited to FDA and CE marking (according to references)
Ear & eye droppers
Our droppers are composed of 3 elements: lid, body and ring, for a uniform dosing of drops


  • Drop size
    40 - 55µL
  • Material
    Body (EVA, PVC or EVA/PVC), caps (PE) and ring (PP)


  • Counts and calibrates drops for dosing
  • Soft and tapered tip to ease administration
  • Sterilization possible
  • Sold with or without ring
  • Caps available to complement the range